In order to provide a seamless experience to our users, we are creating a virtuous ecosystem including the Bubble, the Dock and the App. They are all working together to offer a best-in-class transportation experience.


100% electric, the Bubble is autonomous during its rides and is charging while people are getting in and out, while stationed at the Dock.
People can enter from the side door, with the help of a hostess, and take their seats into the Bubble.
Once the doors are closed and the Bubble secured, it will get out of the Dock and start moving.
When reaching 12 km/h (7.5 mph), the Bubble will start flying above the water, preventing from any seasickness, sudden movements or waves rolling.
Once the ride is over, the bubble slowly comes back to the water level to reach the Dock, letting its passengers out and waiting until the next ones are ready to board.

The production system,the steerind system and the hydrodynamic design come from the nautical industry.

The interior design and the design of the upper deck come from the car industry.

The foils come from the aeronautic industry and are designed by the engineers that created the Hydroptère.


  • Zero wave – Zero noise – Zero CO2 emission
  • Based on the foiler technology from the Hydroptère
  • Powered by a battery system that uses clean energy
  • Low power consumption’
  • Different versions already in R&D
  • 5 seats including a pilot in the current version