SeaBubbles’s Docks are wharfs or quays, developed for the Bubbles but are equally accessible to other pleasure boats. Their purpose is to ensure comfortable passenger travel between boarding and drop off points.

To be totally independent, our docks are creating energy from nature, thanks to the power of the water, the sun and the wind.

While the solar tiles are capturing the sun energy, our underwater generators are catching the endless strength of the water and our wind turbines are catching the energy of the wind.
Those energies are kept into the existing batteries on the docks so they can easily be used to recharge the bubbles when plugged and waiting for passengers.

Different versions of the Docks exist and can accommodate one, two, or four Bubble Taxis. These docks will also enable Bubble maintenance thanks to the existing patented lifting system. It is also possible to make a customization for the dock according to the request.

Drop-off stations will offer greater flexibility in applying the system. Easily installed and removed, they offer numerous boarding and un-boarding locations. Optionally, it will be possible to install a charger which could benefit other crafts as well, in the same way as urban car chargers.