Act or do not act?

No real eco friendly transportation exists that can use the un-crowded waterways.

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By 2050, estimations are that 10 billion people will be living on the Planet.


of them in the Cities. How will we cope with this urban revolution?

100 million

Pollution is one of the biggest global killer, affecting over 100 million people.

SeaBubbles is an eco friendly project that can change it

  Designed for use in and around our megapoles

  Battery driven propulsion system - Zero Emission

  Take-off speed: 6-8 knots and can operate in the no wake zone

  Generate no waves at full speed, do not erode the river walls

  Eco friendly, fun and safe transportation built by biodegradable material

  They are silent and have a range of 80-100 km

  Using the currently fairly open waterways in and around the Cities

  40% less drag that a similar sized motor boat.

Two atypical minds brought together by the dream of making boats fly and changing urban transport for the better.

Alain Thébault

One day my daughters asked me: 'It's great that you hold the Double World Sailing World Speed Record, but why don't you use your inventivity for the greater good, for our planet, giving everyone the opportunity to fly on water?'

Anders Bringdal

With the addiction of the open ocean, Waves and free life that sadly only to few are allowed to live. When Alain first spoke to me regarding his idea of the Sea Bubbles we straight away came to the conclusion that this would be something great for the cities. Help those who want to be able, even if for just part of their day to use the waters in around the cities in a silent non polluting fun way. Being part of nature enjoying the waters and view the city from another angle.

team member

Anders Bringdal

SeaBubbles Founder and CEO

Windsurf World Speed Record 2012 - 51.45 knots
Big wave rider - Jaws Hawaii

team member

Alain Thébault

SeaBubbles Founder and VP

Double World Sailing Speed Record 2009 50.17 over one nautical mile

team member


SeaBubbles structure calculation

Airbus retired, ex-Head of structure design Airbus A 330-A340

team member

Thomas Millès

Product Design Engineer

team member

Philippe Perrier

SeaBubbles hydrodynamic and dynamic stability

Head of design Rafale Program - Dassault Aviation

team member

Nicolas Baverez

Hydroptere mainsail Trimmer

Gibson Dunn France Partner

team member

Henri Seydoux

Founder and CEO Parrot

team member

Romain Lavault

General Partner Partech Ventures

team member

Philippe Camus

Ex CEO d'EADS Airbus & ex CEO Alcatel Lucent

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Most big Cities have a river running through it or they are based on the ocean front. Cities are trying to decrease the pollution.

Examples of such efforts include the promotion of self-serve electric vehicles (such as Autolib in Paris), greener public transportation vehicles etc…

Yet limited efforts have been put in the development of a green maritime transportation system. Such as SeaBubbles.

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Our Vision for the Bubbles is to be a fun green mode of transport that answers the needs in the ever-congested public transport systems around the globe.

  Cities will be forced to go greener.

  To help them, SeaBubbles will exploit the waterways already used by millions in NYC and London but with a negative impact on the environment.

  Our solution will be Green, easy to book and reinforce the cities tourist attractiveness.

  Our business model will enable fast roll out in many cities/countries.

When it is time to go to work or touring around. How will you go?
Catch a bubble!

SeaBubbles will be like the Yellow cab in NYC. But with a few big differences.
It is Green, It is fun and it is safe. And you will not get stuck in traffic.
It will be great to live in such city where you can commute in and out using this new modern way of transport.

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February 2016

Finalization of design

December 2016

Boat ready for testing

February 2017

Start of production

June 2017

First production boats